The Gold Team likes to work quickly and with purpose – to design and build applications that are entertaining and have real utility, all while catalysing further development within the Lamden Community.

We wanted to outline how we are going to achieve this by sharing this Roadmap for the next few months.

We have released* 3 applications so far, all of which will be slightly modified to adapt to our new vision for GOLD as outlined below.


  • Minimum and maximum amounts to be updated with GOLD price changes.

Gold Ticket

  • Ticket entry fees will continue to vary along with number of participants for each event — with 90% of TAU & GOLD Pot to winner

Gold Reserve (V1)

  • TAU and GOLD from Goldflip and Goldticket will start accruing in an account overseen by @Duckfever until Gold Reserve V2 is released (see below)

Gold Farming (Rocket Farm)

  • Farms will start emitting rewards on Sat. June 12th as per our Farming article.

Now for the rest of our vision!

Gold Convert

Speed, convenience, and accessibility are always top of mind for the Gold Team. That’s why our first two applications (Goldflip/Gold Ticket) were built into Telegram. You can catch up on the latest releases for Lamden and Rocketswap while seamlessly connecting to our games — all without manually creating a new wallet connection or visiting another website.

If you are already on Telegram interacting with apps, why shouldn’t you be able to execute a Rocketswap trade as well?

With /gold_convert, you will be able to automatically convert all of the tokens in your wallet to GOLD (at one time).

Has your wallet looked like this?
  • This command is automating the sells for all of your individual tokens and then purchasing GOLD with the proceeds — which is then sent to your wallet address.


  • In development — top priority after Gold Convert is released

Phoenix Upgrade

We believe that good development occurs in versions or iterations. As such, the Team will undertake to rewrite and upgrade the current Token Contract Code to allow for more complex mechanics and future flexibility.

A snapshot will take place, and existing GOLD holders will be provided the upgraded GOLD token.

New token mechanics to include (but not limited to):

  • Automatic Liquidity Pools— 1% of buys and sells will go to a pool which will be added to a liquidity pool(s)

Gold Reserve V2 and Gold DAO

The reserve will now be automatically funded through the 1% mechanism along with Goldflip and Gold Ticket. Gold holders will now vote as a DAO to approve project proposals submitted to Gold Reserve.

  • Gold Reserve may provide initial project liquidity or funding

The DAO may also present ideas to influence the direction of future GOLD applications.


  • The Sister project to GOLD featuring ENDOGEN

Other Games and Entertainment

  • “Gold Rush” — in development — first DEMO complete

Thanks for reading! As always more details will be provided as each application or milestone is released.

— Goldtoshi