• Minimum and maximum amounts to be updated with GOLD price changes.
  • 1% Burn, 2% to Gold Reserve

Gold Ticket

  • Ticket entry fees will continue to vary along with number of participants for each event — with 90% of TAU & GOLD Pot to winner
  • 9% of TAU will continue to fund Gold Reserve
  • 1% of TAU will continue to go to bot developer
  • 9% of GOLD will now go to Gold Reserve
  • 1% GOLD will be burned

Gold Reserve (V1)

  • TAU and GOLD from Goldflip and Goldticket will start accruing in an account overseen by @Duckfever until Gold Reserve V2 is released (see below)

Gold Farming (Rocket Farm)

  • Farms will start emitting rewards on Sat. June 12th as per our Farming article.
  • The rewards for RSWP – GOLD have now been added to RSWP LP – GOLD (3.5B total) — there will no longer be a RSWP – GOLD farm.

Now for the rest of our vision!

Gold Convert

Has your wallet looked like this?
  • This command is automating the sells for all of your individual tokens and then purchasing GOLD with the proceeds — which is then sent to your wallet address.
  • Phase 2 “Convert”: whitelisted tokens will have functionality to be deselected from “convert all” — whitelist label requires significant community presence and a thoughtful plan.
  • Phase 3 “Convert”: select and swap a single token for GOLD (ex. TAU for GOLD)


  • In development — top priority after Gold Convert is released
  • Will also be translated into Chinese. Automatic translation may be added to Goldflip, Gold Ticket, and Gold Convert

Phoenix Upgrade

  • Automatic Liquidity Pools— 1% of buys and sells will go to a pool which will be added to a liquidity pool(s)
  • Gold Reserve Funding — 1% of sells will go to the Gold Reserve Pool

Gold Reserve V2 and Gold DAO

  • Gold Reserve may provide initial project liquidity or funding
  • Funded projects may choose a fair distribution model whereby GOLD and RSWP Farms are created to issue tokens


  • The Sister project to GOLD featuring ENDOGEN
  • Details still to be announced

Other Games and Entertainment

  • “Gold Rush” — in development — first DEMO complete
  • “Mystery Code” Project
  • Trading Competitions on RSWP
  • Promotions & Puzzle Games



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