GOLD Farming emissions will begin at 22:00 UTC on Saturday June 12th. If you haven’t entered the Farms on Rocketswap yet, get your GOLD or GOLD LP Tokens in so you don’t miss any rewards. Just a reminder that the emissions will ramp up (increase) until the 4th week and will stabilise by the 5th week for the remainder of the schedule.

As another way to thank all of our supporters we have created our first “GOLD PROMO” event. It will take place over 5 weeks starting at the same time as Farming emissions. Each week all wallets with AT LEAST 25M GOLD will have a chance of winning a 20M GOLD prize (100M TOTAL) – enough to cover more than a few Gold Tickets or Treasure Hunts. Wallets will be checked for this minimum amount weekly before each winner is announced.

To facilitate this and other planned promotions, the Team has set up a new GOLD promotion command within the Telegram Bot. It will be called /goldpromo and will only be visible in private DMs with the bot so as to not clutter the other chats and hide personal wallet addresses from public view.

In order to participate in the promotions, you will need to submit your Rocketswap wallet address through the command (just once – and don’t worry about pasting it in, the bot will confirm it’s a real address first). Is your GOLD in a Liquidity Pool or other Staking Contract on Rocketswap? NO PROBLEM. This way all GOLD holders can choose to participate! You will have one week to submit for the first prize draw on the 19th.

So make sure to top up your GOLD balance to 25M and follow the new /goldpromo command instructions. Don’t have a RSWP wallet yet? Simply go to Rocketswap and follow the wallet connection prompts on the bottom left side. Once that is done you will see your RSWP account in your Lamden Wallet.

Thanks and good luck!

If you missed our new ROADMAP, check it out HERE.

– Goldtoshi



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